Daily Archives: January 17, 2005

Pluck: It’s like TiVo for the Web

Pluck: It’s like TiVo for the Web

this is kind of neat something im going to check out

I’ve decided

I’m going to make this an invite only board. No freakish radio people to worry about. (Besides me of course). Though Garf has been known to be freakish at times. 😉

But incase you wanted to drop in a harass the listeners Go here.

Blog Blog Blog

I CAN admit that I’ve never EVER heard of one of these before.

But I can also say that this is pretty freakin’ cool!

Hope to see you guys around! : )

well well

Welcome to the blog world. I’d listen in but you know I can’t, but I’ll still put my two cents in once and awhile. =)

Well, this is new for me.

Guess I just conformed to the masses. I’m a blogger. And I guess now you are too. I’m thinking of telling all my radio listeners about this site and seeing if anyone chimes in. I have one or two regular listners that might take part, and yes they are scary. So if anyone protests, speak your peace now.

I want to try to make this as much your place as it is mine. So I’ll kick crazy people out of here if it gets out of hand. So I guess if you get out of hand, you’re gone to. Sorry about that. Damn rules.

At anyrate. I’ll have internet at my house starting Tuesday. Theoretically. I don’t trust the phone company for a minute. But we’ll see. The required maintanence on this thing is far less that the old webpage. So it should be updated more often. But then again, I feel I’ve said that before…