Daily Archives: January 18, 2005


I’d been having some trouble with my PS2 lately. So recently I was on the lookout for the new slim PStwo to replace my ailing machine. For 6 weeks like nothing. So I finally tore apart my PS2, (almost broke it) then put it back together. Works like a dream.

Then I’m in Wal-Mart today looking for useless crap as I usually do. And I notice a giant stack of them sitting behind the firmly locked glass. I wanted to steal one just out of spite. I guess it saved me $250, but still seems a little ironic.

The Mattrix Reloaded

Once again, online. Not sure how it feels yet. I went around trying to find an ol’ desktop that I could set up and leave online here at the place. But to no avail. So keep a look out for one cheap. I don’t really want to spend more than $200 for everything, monitor and all.

And one more thing… I’m back.