Daily Archives: January 20, 2005

viruses and worms

computer viruses and worms suck FHSU campus got hit by one last night at about 8:50 pm. Its called the love me worm. Its sent over the msn messenger service in a file called “love_me.pif.” This worm installs itself on you computer disables your sound and proceeds to send itself to everycontact on your list. i was lucky to have up to date anti-virus and saved my computer however my roommate wasnt so lucky……

Today we take it to100%

I’m going to put the new speaker setup through its paces today. I figure watching the climatic battle in the Matrix Revolutions should do the trick. I might even turn it up to -20 =O

But not before I go get some eats and register my car tags. Oh boy oh boy! You’re all invited by the way. Ha ha. Sucks that I live so far from everyone.