Daily Archives: January 22, 2005

Lil’ Brudder

My car, and this little guy have so much in common. *sniffle*

After extensive diagnosis including the use of GPS and lasers… I’ve concluded the the damage done was largely cosmetic. The car still retians all the basic functions of an automobile. It moves under it’s own power… seats up to 5…. invites wildlife into it’s path…

I’ve removed the grill, as it would have become a road hazard for anyone following me as the pieces fell from my car. I will need to silicone a protective sheet of plastic over what was formerly the drivers side headlight, and engineer an innovative restraint system to keep what are essentally the car’s eyes from falling out of their eye sockets. Beyond that, I don’t see any reason this car can’t make it to 200,000 miles.

But you can bet your sweet bippy this baby has an appointment with the first push, pull, or tow sale I can find!


The hooptie takes another hit! At least that damned deer is dead! Yes, my car has now suffered a collision on all four sides. This is a certifiable hooptie, folks.

It still seems to run, but what powers it is now a mystery, as this car has endured more punishment than any car should ever experience. A slow painful death. However it’s will to go forward remains. And it’s perhaps that will is the only means of propelling this wonder of mechanical debauchery.