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Got the keyboard!

This is so cool. It’s like the keys are floating in mid air! Aaah! And it’s so quite. I probably kept the neighbors up at night with all the clickity clickity. And it complements my system nicely as well.

And I’m still thinking about going to the casino today….

Nintendo suspects Zelda rip-off – Nintendo suspects Zelda rip-off

ok if you cant come up with an original idea dont even bother trying to make the game..

Edit: i found a screen shot: also pics linkified


then one from LoZ:WW

what will they think of next

Using air to charge cellphones? IIT-Delhi does it!

well next thing you know your going to be able to use your cell phone as a hoverboard =P

bowling sensation

YaY!!! i got my bowling ball today got it measured and drills to fit my hand as well now i just need to go bowling so i can break it in

Bowling ball

edit: pic linkified

I’m a weiner!

I actually won one of those internet drawings! I won this:

Linkified Keyboard Pic

Crazy. Looks like a nice keyboard. Should be here in a few days! I’m thinking I should head to the casino why my luck is still up!

sneeze sneeze

Posted by: Justin

I did excellent on my PT test and earned an extra day off. Thinkin about going somewhere for my extended weekend (ends up being a 4 day weekend total)
where should I go?

Oh my.

If you have any of these problems, please call me before you call customer service.


Quick update

Just since everybody’s wondering. I didn’t get the Monte at that auction. A couple people there REALLY wanted that car or something. I thought it was worth about $550 due to a decent amount of rust and doors that needed rebuilt completely. So I let them have it. So keep an eye out for decent cars forsale in your area.

If you couldn’t get ahold of me this weekend, it’s because I went down to Andreas and the ol’ cellphone died. I really need to remember to bring my charger when I travel.

The Essential 50 Archives from 1UP.COM

The Essential 50 Archives from 1UP.COM

ok this is kinda cool however I disagree with some of the games one there becuase I dont think they are “essential” because the only Zelda that made it was LoZ: OoT and even it was at number 40 where’s LttP or the Original LoZ. I would think these two would be on the list but apparently they are not essential. Hell not even the original FF made it on the list FF VII did aparently everyone is suppose to just skip to FF VII forget about the other 6 before it or the 5 after it just FF VII. I do not understand what makes VII better than any of the others it’s Final Fantasy. come on Parappa the Rapper made it on this list I think we need to shoot some one here and revise their list.

now, Parent with the help of M$ you can understand what your children are saying

A parent’s primer to computer slang

ok with the help of this guide you will now understand l337….ha yeah right M$ has no idea L33t sp34k does not mena your kids are bad i swear…