Posted by: Justin

Watching Supersize Me even as we speak. If you are big into McDonalds (or any other fast food chain) you may wanna check this out.

In other news, occasionally the military does a working weekend thing during big inspections. I had the pleasure of being a part of this. note: I use the word “pleasure” lightly. Needless to say not having a weekend has made me grumpy.

In other words, you need to turn on/up your speakers and enjoy the llama song.


Posted on February 13, 2005, in Annoyances. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. yeha see i was never a big fan of Mcdonalds. Personally i think i sux. I would much rather have wendy’s …..

  2. Eew. Not having a weekend is the worst. I usually at least end up with Sundays off now a days. But after finding out how much my health insurance is going to cost, I might have to pick up a second job on the weekends. 😉

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