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The Essential 50 Archives from 1UP.COM

The Essential 50 Archives from 1UP.COM

ok this is kinda cool however I disagree with some of the games one there becuase I dont think they are “essential” because the only Zelda that made it was LoZ: OoT and even it was at number 40 where’s LttP or the Original LoZ. I would think these two would be on the list but apparently they are not essential. Hell not even the original FF made it on the list FF VII did aparently everyone is suppose to just skip to FF VII forget about the other 6 before it or the 5 after it just FF VII. I do not understand what makes VII better than any of the others it’s Final Fantasy. come on Parappa the Rapper made it on this list I think we need to shoot some one here and revise their list.