Still No ‘Net

Well the cable “technician” has been over. The equipment has been installed. The verdict? “It just won’t work.”

Apparently the cable wiring in our apartment was a prototype coax used back in the Mesozoic Era and simply won’t transmit the signal from the cable box 20 feet away. Now no one can decide who’s responsible for fixing said cable and how/what should be fixed. I’ve talked to the landlord twice and the cable company twice (if only they’d talk to each other) to no avail.

So right now we have one jack in the place that’s functional. We can either watch cable TV, or have the internet. But not both. Use a splitter you say? Nope, then they both don’t work. Buy an amplifier you say? Works for the TV, but not for the internet. Which would be great if we wanted to run a 25 foot cable across the carpet from the bedroom to the living room.

So for now I’m up a creek with out a paddle paying for a service I can only halfway use. Tomorrow I’ll bitch more and see if it does any good.


Posted on August 25, 2005, in Annoyances. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. So they are all telling you it isn’t their problem? That’s always fun.

    I think I maybe, might have, possibly seen your apartment complex on the google map thingy. That is really fun!

    L-YA, M

  2. looks like you need so muscle ill make a trip up that and beat the crap out of them then they will talk and get somthing done

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