K-State request

If I send you moneys for tickets to a KState game can you pick up tickets? Duane is off on the 24th and we were hoping to go that weekend. If this is possible for you to do, give me the go and I’ll drop the money in the mail Tuesday. I just want public seating, think it said $35 a ticket.

I don’t recall who it was, but said they were headed up for this Saturday’s game. Told her to check out your tailgate party. It is the station’s put on, right? It’s been a long day and I talked to too many faces at lunch to retain their name.


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  1. Yeah. We can do that. Sooner the better to reserve those tickets though. I doubt that the game will be sold out, but you’re sure to get better seats the farther in advance you reserve them.

    I’m alloted two tickets from the radio station, but we had a few leftover still. So I might have some extras, but it’s not anything I can guarantee. It’s probably safer to reserve those in advance. And then if we do have extras you can, “Trade ’em in” for the tickets in our section (Section 2).

    Just let me know how you want to work it.

  2. I’ll get that mailed to you right away and give you a buzz later this week to make sure you got it, or this message. I’m not sure if you check back on these or not. I’m really looking forward to the game. Duane is too, especially since he originally took that weekend off to go to the cabaret performance here. I went to one with Jamie last month and it was really kinda neato. But go figure, he’d rather see football!

  3. If anyone else is interested in coming to that game (or any other game), by all means do so!

    Send me money! He he.

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