Hey, Daisy ‘n Nala…’n all putty-tats out there!

I got the neatest treat from my lady-person (let’s face it, they aren’t our masters and if anyone owns anyone, we own them!) But this thing ranks right up there with catnip!!! It’s a water fountain just for me! I mean, it is just like getting to drink out of the goldfish tank! The water is cool and fresh…much better than drinking out of the toilet (has anyone else fallen in there?) It took the lady-person an hour to put the water fountain together and I had to help her A LOT! But this thing is definately this cat’s MEOW!

Just sharing the story of my luck with you other cats out there. Sincerely, Fuzz

Posted on December 22, 2005, in Beverages. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. sgvajioqe4w v solsf0 ad.

    Alright, so Nala can’t type.

    Sounds interesting. Where would one acquire such an item? Nooks?

  2. Where else but Wally World? The one-stop-shopping-paradise! Ok, ‘paradise’ is overstating. Fuzz is such a nut! Instead of drinking out of the basin she drinks right out of the top where fresh water spills over. Such a crazy kitty!

  3. Bryan got one of these for Daisy while I was away at Grandma’s. I came home and was looking around for the cat. Where was she… In drinking out of the leaky shower instead of out of this $20-some-dollar cat fountain!

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