Monthly Archives: January 2006

Beautiful Sky

Only God could make an apartment complex look beautiful.

And the saga continues….

Fuzz had her checkup/vacination appt at the vet’s office Thursday. Well, on Wednesday the lady from the vet’s office stopped in Red’s for lunch. She said I could use their carrier AND since Fuzz was on their ‘vicious list’ she would have to be “knocked down”. I nearly passed out! To me, the phrase “knocked down” means killed. I must have had a look of horror on my face cuz she started talking really fast about it meaning tranquilizing or anesthetizing her so she wouldn’t fight or bite. She apologized over and over. I felt like a doofus!!!

Anyhoo…Fuzz went to the appt and she was a model kitty-kat! She didn’t hiss, growl or fight one little bit. They didn’t have to traquilize her at all and she was home in half an hour. SEE! I got a fantastic putty-tat! HAHA

I’m DS’n

Yes, it’s the status symbol of choice. The accessory you have got to have this spring. The next notch in your Nintendo belt. The awesome Nintendo DS! Unless you’ve got better things to do like have a baby or something. 😉

In a rare occurance, Mom got me something I’d asked for on my Christmas list! He he. But I never really expected anything like that for Christmas, so thanks so much!

I already made it through the 50cc tracks in Mario Kart, (trying to keep up the ol’ KartMaster namesake) and Animal Crossing is just as cool and addictive as the Gamecube version.

And it’s just in time too. It gives me something to play while Andrea racks up the hours on Guild Wars. Ha ha. So thanks a lot!

iPod linux

here you go my iPod is now runnig linux

Poor, poor KU fans!

While I was working yesterday I got to see a bit of the KSU vs KU basketball game. It seemed I was the ONLY KSU fan at Red’s. One guy had just lost $50 on the game (not to me) and he stormed out. Well, he’s kinda old so he wobbled out in a huff! hee hee

Friday 13th?

Did everyone have an uneventful Friday the 13th? Nothing interesting to report here. It was the normal day around SWKS. I’m a firm believer that boring can be good!

Trickin’ out the RC

ok here you go heres my newest hobby next i just need to figure out how im going to paint it. this first two pics are before i added any upgrades or “carbon fiber” componets the second two are after the upgrades including the body. edit: pics removed

Tramatic Putty Events…

How is Nala feeling after her tramatic surgical event? Are the stitches out and she is back to her happy, playful self? We take Fuzz back later this month for her yearly shots. I am sooooo dreading it! She will NOT be pleased at all. You can imagine, if she gets that upset having people here, she will be royally and rightously furious if we drag her to the vets and have him inflict pain.

Andrea & Matt…


I just wanted to let you know that the baby shower is January the 28th from 2-4. You’ll be getting an inviation, but I wanted to let you know ahead of time in case you and Matt would be able to make it out that weekend!

If you can’t that’s fine. I know it’s kind of short notice, but just wanted to give you the “heads-up!”

Hope life is good in Manhattan. Hope to see you guys soon!
Jamie and Bryson

messenger live

look at the new msn messenger live beta which i got invited to test pics removed