Patient in recovery

Oh! The abuse! Nala went under the knife Monday, and now she’s in recovery mode. Got her belly chopped up and her claws ripped out. Probably pretty painful. But she’s been good about it. A lot of laying around (at least more than usual). It’s cute, because there’ll be a sound or something dangling in front of her, and you can see in her eyes, that instinct to pounce, but she just moves too slow.

Seems like she’s more active this morning, going more from place to place, but still pretty slow. Poor cat. He he.

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  1. The poor, poor putty tat! Give Nala a little nose rub for me. Is she jumping up on things at all yet? Isn’t it amazing how quickly they get back to normal? If she has that spark in the eye, she will be quick to get back to her playful little self!

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