I’m DS’n

Yes, it’s the status symbol of choice. The accessory you have got to have this spring. The next notch in your Nintendo belt. The awesome Nintendo DS! Unless you’ve got better things to do like have a baby or something. 😉

In a rare occurance, Mom got me something I’d asked for on my Christmas list! He he. But I never really expected anything like that for Christmas, so thanks so much!

I already made it through the 50cc tracks in Mario Kart, (trying to keep up the ol’ KartMaster namesake) and Animal Crossing is just as cool and addictive as the Gamecube version.

And it’s just in time too. It gives me something to play while Andrea racks up the hours on Guild Wars. Ha ha. So thanks a lot!

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  1. Glad you are having fun with it. Trust me, if I could justify the cost of a DS and just one game, I would probably get one myself! But, I have been hooked on Sim2….my game of choice at the moment. I can wait til the cost of the DS drops a little.

    Man, you guys should have seen Fuzz with that mouse. She wasn’t intimidated for more than 10 seconds. She carefully touched it with one paw, then laid on it. She gets up enough to let it go a little ways, then tries to pick it up and carry it away. She just can’t get a grip on it cuz it’s so rounded. Too Funny!!!!

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