Daily Archives: January 27, 2006

And the saga continues….

Fuzz had her checkup/vacination appt at the vet’s office Thursday. Well, on Wednesday the lady from the vet’s office stopped in Red’s for lunch. She said I could use their carrier AND since Fuzz was on their ‘vicious list’ she would have to be “knocked down”. I nearly passed out! To me, the phrase “knocked down” means killed. I must have had a look of horror on my face cuz she started talking really fast about it meaning tranquilizing or anesthetizing her so she wouldn’t fight or bite. She apologized over and over. I felt like a doofus!!!

Anyhoo…Fuzz went to the appt and she was a model kitty-kat! She didn’t hiss, growl or fight one little bit. They didn’t have to traquilize her at all and she was home in half an hour. SEE! I got a fantastic putty-tat! HAHA