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2006 Dodge Challenger concept car

thats right i said challenger …its to :drool: over with a 425 hemi


i told you sooner or later id get these up click

i love google

not only is google the greast search engine it offeres the best webmail avaiable as well as it now offers web space and you can now create your own customized google home page as seen here!

Wow! What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. I’m a scatter brained putz. I ordered some new parts for my computer (motherboard and processor) and needed to reinstall windows. There’s about seven different ways I could have backed up all my info. None of which I utilized. So the old and everything it was is gone. Along with all my pictures and music, and videos, and everything else. Why I didn’t save any of it, I don’t know.

But the blog itself (the posts and comments) are always saved on Blogger, so to get this thing back up it was just a matter of republishing everything. I moved the webserver. It’s no longer on my home machine. It’s now on ucom’s webspace. Which (as terrible as ucom is) will be better in the long run.

The photos section, as I mentioned, is gone. As in deleted forever. Some of the photos survived. But for the most part it’s all gone. Hopefully I can revive it to some extent in the future, but as for now this is the whole site. Have fun at the new, remakably similar B.G.!

Warning! Geek Station!

You know we’re nerds when you have His and Hers computers on the same desk.

I ordered some new parts for my computer and with the old parts and parts from Mom’s old eMachines, I was able to build another computer for Andrea. All I needed was a case and monitor, both of which Platinum Broadcasting graciously donated. (Yes I asked first.)

Why did I do it, you ask? Well I’m a sucker, mostly. And because I can’t get enough of this freaking Guild Wars game. Andrea and I both play it, and we can get online and play it together. But it doesn’t run too well on my laptop, so now we both have computers that run it decently.

Here’s some comparison shots:

Andrea’s Computer

This is basically my “old” computer. All the main parts are the same, but it has the hard drive and CD burner from Mom’s eMachines.

Celeron D 2.26 Ghz
512 MB Ram
nVidia MX 4000 Video Card

Matt’s Computer

This is everything from my old computer with a new motherboard that actually allows me to do some overclocking without messing up my wireless card, a new processor, and a new video card.

Athlon 64 2.0Ghz (overclocked to 2.4Ghz)
1 GB Ram
nVidia 6600GT. (overclocked from 500 to 550mhz)

So there you have it. Our latest affirmation of nerdness. And it’s not just me, Andrea even assembled the parts for her computer installed windows and everything. So we’re like two geeks typing hand in hand!

Say a prayer

Some of you know, and some of you don’t. But my Grandpa Wayne was recently diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes. He spent some time in the hosipital and was back home last I heard, but I think it’s really wearing on him, and on Grandma.

If you think of it, say a prayer for both of them. I’d appreciate it!

getting settled

well ive almost got completly settled in as soon as i find my camera ill take post move in pictures and post the gallery

Countdown to a new me….

As of March 1st I am going to quit smoking. I went to see the doc yesterday and got a prescription of Wellbutrin, which is supposed to help with stress and nicotine withdrawl while quitting. I don’t think I want to slowly quit….limit # of cigarrettes a day…and the doc thought if I take this med and build the levels in my system for a few weeks, then cold turkey wouldn’t be such a problem. Duane has been taking it for several weeks already and I think he’ll quit when I do. Any words of encouragement, positive thoughts, wishes and prayers sure would be appreciated. But, seriously, how do people deal with stress if they don’t smoke? I get nervous and smoking calms my nerves. That is my biggest worry. Suggestions?

Did someone say fire?

Written by: Jamie

It’s taken me a while, but here’s the story…

Two Thursday’s ago, I got off work at 5 and was headed home. Had just “one of those days”, and all I wanted to do was sit, relax, put my feet up and do nothing! Boy was I in for it.

As soon as I opened up the door to the house, I got hit with the NASTIEST stench imaginable! I had never, in my life, smelled anything like it before. To me it smelled like a gas or a chemical type smell. I immediately opened the sliding glass door and let a little air in. I called Bryan and told him, what was going on. I stood by the screen door sucking in fresh air while I was on the phone, but that wasn’t enough. I had to get compelely outside! The smell was that strong!

Bryan and I agreed that it wasn’t safe for me to be there (being pregnant and all), so he told me to leave. Well, what if when I come back it STILL smells?!?! So, he said that he would call the fire department and for me to wait outside for them.

About 3 minutes later the huge fire truck AND the emergency “first response” truck showed up in our tiny little apartment circle. 5 or 6 firemen came up in their full suits and with little radar guns and gizmos, and were sniffing around. They looked as puzzled as me.

A few minutes later, one of the guys came out of our bedroom, exclaiming, “Found it!” Well, turns out Bryan had stuffed a bunch of CRAP on the top shelf of the closet and the light had gotten left on! The first thing out of my mouth was, “OH, I could KILL my husband!” I told him when he was shoving all that junk up there, to just go through and throw it away! So, here’s this fireman holding a little foam pet sofa with a huge melted hole in it!!! I could have died!

They told me that our clothes were going to stink pretty bad, and that we’d need to go through and wash and clean EVERYTHING. All the firemen started giving me laundry tips then. Told me what their wives used to get the smell out of their uniforms. I thanked them for the advice.

So the rest of the weekend was spent, washing clothes, and cloroxing walls (Bryan did that. Boy, was I nervous… him and a bucket of clorox on the carpet… ha ha).

All is well now. The whole thing was just so weird though, because there wasn’s any smoke. Just a nasty stench. Thank goodness we call the fire department, otherwise we would have really had a mess on our hands!!!!

Educate me, please…

You all will surely be able to tell me what this is about…

I was buying dvds last night and picked up a package marked “DVD-R” and this guy standing there said, “You don’t want ‘DVD-R’. You want ‘DVD+R’.” Huh? Is there a difference? I got the ones the guy said to get. Am I gullible? Was he telling the truth?