Daily Archives: February 3, 2006

What the …..?

what is this ? i found it in my apartment hanging in the closet.

ok like i said here are the pictures of my apartment

changing worlds ….

ok here we i found an aprtment untill may atleast when ill have to find another place later ill post pictures of my new place


Hey, everyone ask Jamie how she managed to catch her closet on fire!?

What a SMALL world!

I had an interesting experience at work today! I’m sitting at my computer and my phone rang. There was a guy on the line who said that he wanted to place an ad. I was like… ok. Nothing unusual there.

So, to pull up a customer’s billing information we use their phone number. Well he gave me his number and it didn’t bring up anything. I asked if it was the first time he advertised in our paper and he said yes. So I got ready to type in all his personal information, and I said “Can I get your last name?”

His response… “Althouse.”

I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s my maiden name! You don’t hear that last name too often!”

“I bet I’m related to you,” he told me.

I asked if he knew Frank and Dolores Althouse, and that they were my Grandparents. He said, “Oh yeah! I’m Paul Althouse. Your dad and I are 1st cousins (at least I think that’s what he said). And you must be Jamie, and your brother is Matt!”

What a small world! I was blown away! When he said his last name, it took me a second and I was thinking, did he really say “Althouse”… yeah he did! Wow!

Written by:  Jamie