Daily Archives: February 25, 2006

Wow! What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. I’m a scatter brained putz. I ordered some new parts for my computer (motherboard and processor) and needed to reinstall windows. There’s about seven different ways I could have backed up all my info. None of which I utilized. So the old BGWillers.com and everything it was is gone. Along with all my pictures and music, and videos, and everything else. Why I didn’t save any of it, I don’t know.

But the blog itself (the posts and comments) are always saved on Blogger, so to get this thing back up it was just a matter of republishing everything. I moved the webserver. It’s no longer on my home machine. It’s now on ucom’s webspace. Which (as terrible as ucom is) will be better in the long run.

The photos section, as I mentioned, is gone. As in deleted forever. Some of the photos survived. But for the most part it’s all gone. Hopefully I can revive it to some extent in the future, but as for now this is the whole site. Have fun at the new, remakably similar B.G. Willers.com!