The First 24!!

It’s been dang near a full day of non-smoking. I am chewing the heck outta this nicorette gum!!! John, Duane and I are all quitting together for the moral support. I gotta tell ya, working in a bar is going to be DAMN tough. At one time today I had 6 people in the bar with me, all smoking. That was a pretty good test for my first day!! I PASSED!!! They say the second day is worse….. Oh, great!!!

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  1. Rockin! A guy at work is trying to quit also, and we were out having a drink last night, and the guy sitting next to him had a cigarette lit, but wasn’t smoking it, just sitting there in the ashtray. It drove him crazy all evening.

    But just power through! Come up with a substitute. Every time you feel like you need a smoke, smack a kitten or something.–>

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