no longer responsible

ok i was in the forums at neowin and came along a post about Hilary Clinton calling up the National center of disease control to do a study to see if “gaming” that right i said it “gaming” was a disease

Matt made a good point over spring break about having a study done on the effects of bad parenting on children, then maybe they might relize games arnt the enemy we should be pointing our finger at.

anywho as i was reading about this again i got to thinking about this:

here in the U.S.A, we have reached a new age.
NOBODY is responsible for their own actions.
Remember that.
Holy shit! I killed somebody! Bob made me do it!
Bob: Joe made me do it!
Joe: I blame the media!
Media: Videogames.
Videogames: Personal responsibility?
Personal Responsibility: [AFK] –> (away from keyboard)


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  1. Hell. I think killing people in GoldenEye all those years was the one thing that KEPT me from murdering some people.

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