requested story…

ok i had a request to explain this psycho roommate’s fiancee story so in order to do that i must go back to the begining.

well you know how somtimes it feels as if you have whats called a a$$hole magnet? i found out about two years ago i have what called a psycho magnet i attract the psychos and its not just certain one its all of them and most of the time they are female (im not saying that all females are psychos) just the ones i attract. ok two years ago one night i was one messenger and i received a meassage “hello, josh. you dont know me but i know you” my reply after being freakout abit was “who are you” they would not tell me and they proceeded to tell me alot of personal stuff about me that most ppl didnt know unless they were close friends. turns out i had a stalker she works at wallmart as one of those door greeters :. she wasnt all home upstairs. after awhile she got the hint i wasnt interested and she left me alone after i blocked her email and messenger id.

next we have naomi yeah she was scary, however, i would have never met my friend katrina so one positive thing came out of her. but she was scary we were talking over messenger one night and she was talking about relationships and stuff asking me how to get a guy to like a girl i told here that she was asking the wrong person becasue i enjoyed my single life and i really not interested in a realtionship. After that statement she change her screen name to ” death to the man who cant see his love for me” so yeah a quick block on messenger ive never heard from her since .

ok now to the psycho roommate’s fiancee. this was from my last apartment the one i moved into in febuary. my roommate paul was a good person his psycho fiancee was not. ok for the last 4 months this apartment was my apartment and in may his fiancee was going to move in since they were getting married in may. well one morning i didnt have to work or have classes so i slept in and so on. well i got up and like most ppl when they get up you have to use the rest room so instead of putting a shirt on and shorts i was out in my boxers like normal since i was right next to the bathroom. well surpirse surprise paul’s fiancee was sitting in our living room and paul was no where to be found he was in class. she proceeded to tell me that i needed to aways be dressed because she didnt want to see me half naked and that i never knew when she was going to be around. this was all said to me in my apartment not hers mine .. i told her to shove it and proceeded to put her in her place. then later one paul and his fiancee were wanting to buy a used washer and dyer for the aprtment and she thought this was a good idea: the units were being sold for 200 dollars her idea was since they were going into our apartment that her and paul would pay 150 dollars of it and i pay 50 for it and they would keep them when i move out. yeha thats really going to work.

then it was her idea that paul not pay his half of the cable bill and then somehow instead of him paying i was sppose to somehow justify buying him alcohol ??? how does that work me buying alcohol for them and they dont pay the cable bill? also she still think i somehow owe her 200 dollars not sure why or how but everytime i she her she bring it up. im glad im out of that apartment. it is sad when someone allows themselves to have all their desicions made for them.


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  1. Yeah, some people are just like that. They think the world owes them something for some reason or another.

    And while the fiancee is undoubtedly a bitch, I think your friend Paul has at least some responsibility to stick up for his friends. I’m not talking about having to choose who’s more important, but if I found out Andrea was treating my friends like that, I’d ask her to at least act like an adult around my friends and ask them something before flat out making demands. And that if she couldn’t do that, to come to me first and I can go to my friend about the issue.

    Lucky for me Andrea’s an angel and loves all you guys!

  2. Wow, Josh. You have had the pleasure of dealing with some freaky people! Does it color your attitude towards others? I’d think I would start to distrust everyone. What did this Paul say when you confronted him? Oh my gosh! I just realized, poor Paul gets to spend his life with this pushy dame! That’s punishment. haha Just teasing!

    And, absolute agreement…Andrea is a pure sweetheart! I love her more and more every time we get to spend time with her!

  3. oh yeah i have a hard time trusting alot of ppl now

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