flashing a bios

well i figured out how to flash the bios on my computer using a usb flash drive however i hosed it before fixing it

when someone says that flashing a bios from a usb is easy and possible to do. laugh at them then kick them in the balls(assuming the person who told you was male)

after hosing my machine i got out ole yellow jacket and did some research and found out that my mobo bios could only be flshed with a floppy my machine didnt have a floppy =( …then i remembered i had a couple of part machines and …what do you know one of them had a floppy drive in it. I created a boot disk put both my flashing utility and bios image on the drive and followed the instructions on the site i found …tada i was able to do it with the floppy drive and im up and running again with a new and fresh bios =)


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  1. Oh man. Glad you got that straightened out. I would have cried.

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