Monthly Archives: July 2006

Out with the old…

My new DVD burner that Mom got me came in yesterday. The old one would burn DVDs, but only about half the time. As cheap as the burners are, I figured I needed a new one because we’d soon waste as much money in ruined DVDs as a new burner would cost! So now, which one works again?

NOT a desktop.

Just a cool picture I made in photoshop with a bunch of different things I got off Google Images. Thanks to Biebs for some photoshop tips!

Check Out MY Cool Desktop

I figured if everybody else is posting there cool new destop, why not me?

So, here it is! Hope you all like it!

1968 Ford Mustang GT500

About the names.

It’d been brought up in an earlier comment, in an earlier post. That you can’t tell who’s making the posts around here. Well as far as I can tell, I can’t make it display the author of the post without changing the template. And you know what, I like this template! Unfortunately I can’t edit the template myself.

So I’ve decided that a good alternative would be to simply create your own category. It’s easy to do. When you make a new post just look to the right of the screen and there’ll be a box to add your own category. Doesn’t matter what its called, just so people know you posted it. For instance, if you look at the bottom of this post, it’s in the category of “The Genius of Matt”.

I’ll keep searching for a way to actually display the author automatically, but I think the category thing should suffice for now. And using this method you can masquerade as other people. Bwa ha ha! Anywho, give it a shot and if you have problems, just let me know!

Looks like no new job for me.

Well I never got a call back from the guys at Manhattan Broadcasting, so I’m guessing they filled the position with someone else.

Kind of an interesting story though. They actually offered the position to our night guy at the radio station, who has considerably less experience than I do. He’s never done music, never really done any imaging. He actually turned them down though, so he’ll still be working nights for us. But still, kinda weird that they chose him over me. Like I say you never know.

I’m not too bummed though, like I said, hopefully it’s all for the best. I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. =)

The Return of the Jello Shots!

I decided to make my second batch of jello shots today. This time we combined strawberry jello with rum, like a strawberry daquiri. Everyone says they are too strong, but I think they are pretty darn tasty! Cheers, everyone!

Job interview over.

Well I went in for the interview at Manhattan Broadcasting today. I don’t think it went too bad. But I don’t know how stiff the competition is either. They said they’re going to try to decide on someone by Friday. So until then, I’m just gonna go business as usual.

Pray for me and wish me luck. Not nessicarily that I get the job, but just that whatever happens, happens for the best. Thanks!

learn biebs’ way

well i’ve created a new page with some video tutorials i took from working in photoshop. learn they way to master photoshop with my videos. Also if there is a technique or effect you would like to see or learn how to do letme know ill be gald to make another video =)

Photoshop Tutorials

Time for a test run.

No wisdom, no rant, no enlightened thought…I am just seeing if I do this right. Oh wait, I do have a question. How do I know who makes a post? I don’t see any names. Is that a silly question?

Time for a fresh new coat of wallpaper.

I stumbled a cross a cool site for computer wallpaper.

Check it out.