Looks like no new job for me.

Well I never got a call back from the guys at Manhattan Broadcasting, so I’m guessing they filled the position with someone else.

Kind of an interesting story though. They actually offered the position to our night guy at the radio station, who has considerably less experience than I do. He’s never done music, never really done any imaging. He actually turned them down though, so he’ll still be working nights for us. But still, kinda weird that they chose him over me. Like I say you never know.

I’m not too bummed though, like I said, hopefully it’s all for the best. I just wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. =)

Posted on July 22, 2006, in Annoyances, Radio. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I know there would’ve been advantages and new challenges to the job change. Things work out for a reason. Those same challenges are out there waiting for you. Same deal with my application to the Journal. I like to think it was a ‘favor’ to me that I didn’t get that job. For some reason, I don’t need to know why or what, I wasn’t meant to work there.

  2. my only question is why would they offer it the night guy…and why whould he turn it down? im trying to think of the logic behind that.

    maybe they didnt actully offer him the job? i mena maybe he is just making it up? i dunno. its a bummer you didnt get it, but hey more doors will open up.

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