The happy and the sad.

Well if anyone doesn’t know.  Andrea got a new job.  Hooray!  She’s going to be a customer service rep. for Cingular Wireless (I think that’s the company).  So she’ll be working the phones and stuff.  She’s pretty excited about it, and I’m happy for her.  But maybe she can tell you a little more about that job.  I don’t know much about it.

But I do know that she’s going to be working nights.  And since I’m working days, we’re going to see a lot less of each other.  I’m not too crazy about that, but it’s a good opportunity for her.  I think everyone can attest to working nights and weekends at somepoint, because you just have to.  Just too bad I’m not working nights too.  So if I seem bummed out at times these next few weeks, it’s probably just me going through Andrea withdrawls.  =)

But wish her the best!  I know it’s going to be hard juggling 30ish hours a week and go to school full time.  So say a prayer for her too!  I’m going to try to help out around the house and running errands so she can at least have some free time, but the prayers couldn’t hurt!

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  1. It’ll be tough for both of you. Even though Andrea will be incredibly busy, she will have to get used to not having the chance to spend evenings with you. On the bright side, just think how much you BOTH will enjoy the time you do get to spend together. Prayers to you both.

  2. ah welcome to my world .. hehe j/king of course this is coming from some one who comes home everynight and spends everynight by himeself (darn friends have to go and graduate, what were they thinking?). you guys will definatly be in my prayers.

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