Disciple, back in the ‘Hat Town

Mark it on your calendar. September 28th! The best rock band in all the land is coming back to Manhattan. These guys put on one of the most exciting shows I’ve ever been to. It’ll be my fourth Disciple concert, and I can’t wait! Let everyone know! Disciple rocks Manhattan September 28th!

Posted on August 24, 2006, in Music. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I’m there! Those guys are friggin’ awesome!

  2. i wish i could go you just gonna have to get a comacorder and tape it for me then send it to me so i can watch it =P

  3. Hi there Matt!
    Josh gave me your blog and randomly I decided I must comment because I love your radio station, and everytime I’m driving through I make whoever’s in the car listen to it, so I’ve heard you a couple times I’m sure. This is randomly the most retarded comment ever, but Josh will tell you I’m kind of an airhead and this is actually how my brain works. Later!

  4. Well random and retarded is the name of the game around here. Welcome to the club.

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