When did I get the ‘dumb ass’ tattoo?

Once again I offered to work in an effort to help out someone and find out that they were out at another bar partying.  I put in a ten hour day and was freaking beat when I got home at midnight or I’d have halled my ass to Dodge and dragged her out of the bar she was at.  I am definately not a fighter and would have gotten my butt kicked, but I’d have put out a good try!  Nothing like doing a ‘good deed’ and feeling like a freaking dumb ass!!

Posted on August 26, 2006, in Annoyances, Drama. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Well it’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenarios. If you don’t work for people, then no one will ever work for you. But then they never end up working for you anyway. Same thing always happened at Arby’s. It’s either you try to help people out, or you look out for number one. There’s no middle ground it seems like.

    Towards the end of my Arby’s reign, I was really indifferent to it all. I remember skipping work entirely, not calling in or anything, I just didn’t show up and went tailgating and went to a K-State game. I went in the next day and no one said a word. I dunno if everyone thought I was a bad ass mofo or what, but I was expecting at least some sort of confrontation. It was weird.

    I dunno if I’d suggest that course of action, but I think if people know you’re reliable and they know everyone else isn’t, you find you can push the envelope pretty far.

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