Daily Archives: August 28, 2006

The Saga Continues…

Well, the lady who seemed to think she shouldn’t have to show up for her shift at Red’s DOESN’T have to show up anymore.  She was asked to please pick up the Saturday night shift because one of our waitresses got admitted into the hospital.  Still she refused to work, saying she had a friend going thru a bad time and she needed to help her.  POOF! she was fired.  It was no surprise when a guy came in for a beer around 10 that night and said he’d seen her at Peppercorn’s a little earlier.

From now until Wendy gets out of the hospital we only have two waitresses.  That means double shifts for both of us.  The money will be terrific, hours horrific!  But, I’m just mean enough to be glad the worthless waitress got fired!