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As of lately.

Well not much out of the usual going on. But it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything and I’m starting to feel guilty.

I’m over in Hays right now for Biebs birthday bash. Had fun last night playing Mario Kart on a big projection screen with a bunch of people. I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would after so long not playing that game. But I held my own. Biebs did end up with more 1st places than I. So much for being the KartMaster. 😉

Andrea headed down to Wichita to see her family and have HER birthday bash. He birthday isn’t until the 6th though. So I don’t know how she gets off having all these birthday celebrations! He he.

All in all. Not much to report. I did take Old Hiway 40 from Junction City to Hays on my way out here. That’s a really pretty drive and I wish I would have taken my camera. Part of it winds through the Flint Hills and there’s a lot of old towns and stone buildings along the way. Plus the weather was beautiful and it was all so picturesque. It took about 45 minutes longer than I-70, but there was so much to see that it didn’t seem bad at all.

So today, I’m just hanging out in Hays. Biebs has to work, so I’m gonna chill with him at the Eagle radio station. Too bad I forgot my Power Hits shirt!

It’s all in the wording…

Tonight John and I went over to Dodge, picked up Jamie and went to eat a bite of supper and pick up a few things at Walmart.  We got back to Jamie’s apartment around 9:30p.m.  As we stepped out of the car we heard a couple of guys yelling and throwing the “F” word around.  There were probably 15-20 people out in the next parking lot with them and it sounded like it was getting outta hand and perhaps a fight would break out.  When we got upstairs Jamie called Bryan at work and told him that there was a “small riot” out in the parking lot next to theirs.

In the meantime, I call the cops and tell them that they need to check it out.  I said I wasn’t sure what was going on, but that it seemed to be outta hand.  Within minutes there were five cop cars with lights a-flashing (no sirens) outside in that circle.  I felt I had gotten excellent response to my call.

BUT…it turns out Bryan had also called the cops and in relaying his concern for his wife and child he used those two little words that Jamie used to describe the situation, “small riot”.  Yeah, that’ll really get them moving in Dodge City!  My call was just icing on the ole ‘riot’ cake!  haha

Anyways, all the people scattered when the cops showed up and it should be a quiet night for Jamie and Bryson.

I’m so excited!

We are still planning on leaving by 3p.m. on Saturday.  Duane took off this afternoon for El Paso, TX, but will be back early, early Saturday morning.  Ya know, it isn’t like we have any wild and crazy plans while we are there but I am so excited that we are going to get spend some time with you, Matt and Andrea!

Was Deal or No Deal Staged?

Paid Actor?I was at home last night enjoying a frosty Miller Highlife watching one of the few shows on TV I can tolerate, Deal or No Deal. I’m a pretty analytical thinker, so I enjoy any games where you’re up against mathematical odds. And I’m here to say the final round on last nights Deal or No Deal beat so many odds that I’m convinced there’s no way that it could have happened without some sort of scripting.

First of all, I don’t think that the entire show is rigged. Just the last round of the show on Tuesday with “Matty” the teamster from New York. As I watched, I didn’t think much of it other than he was just another typical flamboyant contestant that frequented the show. But as the round went on, and it became more sensational with each chosen case, I began to become suspicious that something was amiss. That perhaps the entire round was staged to be as exciting as possible (while still being believable) to garner up ratings for the season premier.

First off, the guy pulls a Babe Ruth and calls his first case. Predicting that it will be the $0.01 case. Sure enough it is! He had less than a 4% chance of guessing one cent case correctly.

He goes on to choose other small cases with the occasional big amount mixed in leading to the largest 2nd, 3rd, and 4th offers in the history of the show. Now this can be somewhat explained that 3 million was on the board for the first time in the history of the show and would naturally drive up the bank offers as long as it was on the board.

At one point the bank offer is $400,000. Now the bank offer is calculated based on the known amounts left in the cases on the board, and the odds that the player has the highest possible dollar amount in the case they chose at the beginning of the round. So the bank offer can only be calculated from the cases that are remaining at any given time. In other words, you can’t predict the next bank offer until the player picks the next case.

So when the bank offer comes up as $400,000 the banker himself would only have known the offer for a few seconds. Yet two beautiful women bring out two cases full of $400,000 CASH. There wasn’t enough time to see the offer, fill the cases with cash and bring them out, if they didn’t know what the banker was going to offer before hand. So either they stuff the cases with a random amount of cash that they planned on bringing out regardless off the offer amount, or they knew what cases he would pick before he picked them. Either way, it was a planned attempt to sensationalize the show.

Everything about this guy was character-like. When they brought the cash out, he picked it up, sniffing it and scowling like some bookie that just got paid off after his thugs broke some legs. Also, you know how everyone is allowed to bring three people with them? Well gets four, two of them being his twin daughters. What do they count as one person or something!? Add that to the fact that he keeps saying “I’m good at this game” when there’s absolutly NO WAY that a person can be good at guessing random numbers. It’d be like saying I’m good at winning coin tosses. It’s just not something you can be “good” at!

As the round is nearing the end it becomes almost predictable. He whittles away at the cases until what remains? Only $1 and $1 million and $3 million! Oh what sensational television! He takes the offer of $600,000 or so, but come to find out, he had the three million dollar case all along! (Which he also called at the beginning of the game.) The odds of him picking the $3 million case first and then calling the one cent case like he predicted were 1 in 600.

It couldn’t have been a more exciting round, and it just so happened to be the show’s season premier, where you want to hook everybody for the rest of the season. Coincidence or not? You tell me.

Car back in the shop.

Well, when we took the trip up to Kansas City my car started shifting a bit funny. When speeding up, it would go through the gears too quickly, then when slowing down, it’d stay in a high gear too long, bogging the motor down. I was a bit worried the transmission was going out, but it never really got worse or came out of gear completely, so I babied it all the way back to Manhattan from Kansas City.

I did some research and I don’t think the transmission itself is the problem. But the torque converter clutch. This little thing sits inside the transmisson and tells the torque converter clutch when to engage and disengage, and I believe that it’s gone bad. I talked to the mechanic today after he’d had the car for a while and he seems to agree with me so far, but he’s going to “make sure it’s not something else.” These guys have been pretty honest in my past experience, and they have done excellent work. So I trust them.

So the good news is it’s looking like I won’t be spending $1000 to rebuild the transmission, probably just a couple hundred dollars to replace a $40 switch. But it’s an old car, and like I tell everyone, I expected stuff like this to creep up when I bought the car. I might spend $200 at the repair shop every few months, but that’s still cheaper than a $350 a month car payment. And what can I say? I’m a sucker for old cars. It’ll probably be the death of me.

New Nintendo – November 19, 2006

The new Nintendo system called Wii will release this November 19th. It will sell for $249 and come with one controller and one game included! Remember the days of people actually including a game when you buy the system? Ahh, those were the days.

I don’t know that I’ll be getting one right away. Fighting the crowds, limited selection of games, limited availability. I think I’ll probably end up waiting until after Christmas to get one. But who knows, I might just get crazy!

Edit: Corrected release date.  Thanks, Brian.


what the heck is this ?

hippo tra!

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the un-named chicken sangwhich

the title is misspelled on purpose…….OK I’m sitting at home I’m hungry so i decided to get creative with what i had in the fridge. i go digging through find some bacon, a boneless chicken breast, provolone cheese (the real stuff not that pansy cheap cheese we are talking the 5 bucks a pound cheese), some spicy honey mustard. OK i fry up the bacon while i slap the chicken breast on the ole George Foreman grill, then i get two slices of bread throw it in the toaster. after the chicken breast is done i throw it on one of my pieces of toast top it with a slice of cheese and a few slices of bacon top it off with some honey mustard and slapped the other piece toast on top.

now i saved the recipe but i need a name for this Delicious sandwich

Fun commercial

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Every once in a while, you get a chance to do a commercial that you can really have fun with. I wrote the copy for this and nabbed the sound effects. Brad voiced Kirk and I voiced all the other parts. My luck the client will hate it and they’ll want a boring spot with some cheezy background music, but oh well. That’s radio.


New Podcast

Join me as I take a seemingly uneventful last two weeks seem slightly less uneventful.

In this week’s podcast:

  • K-State Football vs. Illinois State
  • Someone from Cimarron does something worth talking about
  • Meh
  • Vacation?

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