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skype cordless phone

Skype Latest News about Skype on Thursday announced cordless phones that do not require a running computer to use its Voice over Internet Protocol services. The new class of phones lets users make and receive Skype calls over both Internet and traditional landlines.

Skype has partnered with Philips (NYSE: PHG) Latest News about Philips and NetGear to introduce the first two cordless phones with this ability.

Skype recently introduced WiFi Latest News about WiFi phones and Skype PocketPC wireless. Making a way for users to use the service without a running PC is the next step, according to Stefan Oberg, general manager, desktop and hardware at Skype.

“We are broadening our reach to mass consumers by offering them the opportunity to communicate via Skype without having to be tied to the computer,” Oberg said.

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F’n apartment dwellers

well i found out who complained about my dog barking and they are the reason i had to get rid of him. good thing mom took takumi home for a few days so i can find a new place to live. it was ppl who live below me  that comlained….but guess what? now they have a dog and it woke me up bright and early sunday morning my day to sleep in becasue of its barking. now if i were an a$$hole id call up my landlord and complain, but im not. plus i hate my landlord.