skype cordless phone

Skype Latest News about Skype on Thursday announced cordless phones that do not require a running computer to use its Voice over Internet Protocol services. The new class of phones lets users make and receive Skype calls over both Internet and traditional landlines.

Skype has partnered with Philips (NYSE: PHG) Latest News about Philips and NetGear to introduce the first two cordless phones with this ability.

Skype recently introduced WiFi Latest News about WiFi phones and Skype PocketPC wireless. Making a way for users to use the service without a running PC is the next step, according to Stefan Oberg, general manager, desktop and hardware at Skype.

“We are broadening our reach to mass consumers by offering them the opportunity to communicate via Skype without having to be tied to the computer,” Oberg said.

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  1. Oh yeah. This is just the beginning. As bandwidth to people’s houses continues to increase, people are going to be able to get more services through one connection. Heck, Cox is already providing cable, internet and telephone service all on their one connection. By the time this generation of kids are in college, the telephone line will probably be a thing of the past.

  2. eagle does the same thing. its a great idea in some respects but if you get all you services from one company they can charge whatever they want for everything especially in small town markets where there is no competition

  3. Oh yeah. That’s the way it was here in Manhattan too. Cox has been the only provider for years. But I think the city council decided that when Cox’s contract expires, they’re going to allow other cable companies to come in to town. Which is good. I don’t know when that’ll happen though. All I know is I’m not paying over $100 a month for digital cable and internet.

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