New Nintendo – November 19, 2006

The new Nintendo system called Wii will release this November 19th. It will sell for $249 and come with one controller and one game included! Remember the days of people actually including a game when you buy the system? Ahh, those were the days.

I don’t know that I’ll be getting one right away. Fighting the crowds, limited selection of games, limited availability. I think I’ll probably end up waiting until after Christmas to get one. But who knows, I might just get crazy!

Edit: Corrected release date.  Thanks, Brian.

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  1. I read the other day that they aren’t going to be able to keep up with the demand for this game system. Is that right? It’s always hard to find the new systems when they first come out. I remember when the N64 came out. I had to go to Dodge EARLY in the morning to buy one before they were all sold out. Hey, will the release of these mean the Nintendo DS will drop in price?

  2. Yeah, usually systems are pretty hard to get ahold of between launch and New Years. Though not impossible, you just have to go a little more out of your way. Like you mentioned having to show up at the store really early and wait in lines, etc.

    As far as the DS dropping in price, I doubt it until after Christmas. They’ll milk it for all it’s worth through then. Sometime next spring, I wouldn’t be suprised to see the DS down to $99 though.

  3. First post for me! Wheeeee! (Not ‘Wii!’)
    Isn’t the launch date actually 11/19?
    That’s what I’ve heard. And yeah, I’m wanting to get a Wii eventually, but probably not right away.
    1) Will have to save up a little money to afford it… The student/car loans are killing me.
    2) I’ll have FFXII to keep me busy for a while

    Not excited at all about Wii Sports… so I’ll have to pick up another game when I actually buy a Wii anyways…

    Oh, and hello to everyone that I haven’t talked to for a while (or ever, as is the case with a few people who post here).

  4. yes its actully 11/19 for us but its offical launch date is the 11/11 you remeber the japanese will get first before we get the wii.

  5. Is 11/11 really the date for the Japanese launch? Well I could try to act all 1337 and say that’s what I was thinking, but I think I just typed it wrong. I was thinking 11 as in November being the 11th month and got all confused.

    I never even saw anything that said a November 11th launch. Haha!

  6. well i could be wrong i was readin on some of neowin gaming board with the same discussion …i dunno i looked back at the nintendo press release and it does say 11/19 but other ppl are saying that 11/11 is the date who knows maybe nintendo is trying to confuse us …

  7. Yeah, the NA launch is actually before the JP launch for this one… Not sure why they decided to do that, but that’s the way it is.
    NA: Nov. 19
    JP: Dec. 2

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