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i havnt done this for a while heres is yellowjackets final theme i like this one and i think it will stay like this from now on.

A lil’ history.

Well, this all started probably a month ago when I decided to take an alternate drive out to Hays to visit Biebs. I decided to take Old Highway 40 instead of boring ol’ I-70 the whole way. It was a really pretty drive, and a lot of old downtown areas. There were also a lot of old stone buildings too. Outside of Junction City, I drove by an old schoolhouse. I remember as a kid, driving up to Sabetha, and when we’d get close to Junction City, Mom would tell us to look off to the south and you could see her old house, and that it was an old stone church.

I thought for sure this was the place!

Not it!

I was wrong. But hey! In my defense, it’s not like I had ever seen the place before! I had been talking to Grandma on the phone for a while and she said it was further down the road. About 6 miles from Junction City. A couple days later, I got some pictures in the mail of the old house.

Black and white goodness.

All by itself

I think I recognize those pillows!

I think I recognize those pillows!

And I also got a few pictures of family.

So armed with this new information and a rare sunny day, I set out to find the place as it exsists today.

That wasn't there!
It's changed a bit!

The guy that Grandma sold the house to, Lyman Budden still owns it. I got to talk to him a bit, and he’s a pretty interesting guy. He put the addition on the front. Said he pulled it in on a trailer with a pick-up truck, backed up the the house, then let the air out of the tires of the trailer to set it down and hasn’t moved it since! He said he bought the house back in the day for $10,000. Now the road that heads up to the house is a paved path. There’s several small buildings he built around it for vehicles and equipment. And from what it looks like a lot more trees.

As we chatted, he talked about shortly after he moved in, and he was out in the pasture northeast of the house, and he found a bunch of marbels on the ground. He raked them up and still has them to this day! Think mom, and uncle David played with these?

Worth $1500?

The old guy sure liked to talk, and while I found it interesting, I think he’s a bit of a storyteller. He said he took these marbels to an antique shop in Junction City and a guy told him there was a marbel in there worth $1200, and that that whole dish was worth $1500. I find that hard to believe, but then again…I don’t know much about marbles!

One last question was…was it a schoolhouse, or was it a church? Grandma kept saying it was a schoolhouse, Mom always said it was a church. Maybe it was used as both. But the corner stone displays the date the building was erected, and that it was…a church.

“In memory of Chas N. Mc??? by his wife Susan.”

So it’s been an exciting adventure for me at least. I find things like this interesting. Imagining what it was like to be around then, all the stories these places could tell. I hope you find it interesting as well!

Days like this, I could live without.

You know…when it’s definetly not summer, but it’s still not winter? I wouldn’t call it fall though. Fall is brisk mornings to get you out of bed and get your blood moving, and cool evenings to wear a jacket and go on a walk with a friend and enjoy the golden hues of the leaves as they fall from the branches that you didn’t know were there all summer.

No, today is not fall. It is indecision. One of those days when the world calls in sick, but you still have to go to work. A stiff north breeze cuts through your underdressed outfit, through your skin to your very core, and sun only does barely enough work to not let it be night. The worst of it all is there’s no escaping it. It envelops you from every direction, like a bad dream when you can’t wake up. The only relief is to retreat into your shell, full of artificial lights and stale old smells. You pull up a blanket, you grab a book, a warm cup of cocoa and try to put as much material between you and the day as you can.

Yes, I could do without days like today. I have enough indecision in my life as it is. But the best thing about indecision is that it can’t make up it’s own mind. Tomorrow will be sunny and 65. And I have a friend and a walk already in mind.

I’ve been robbed!

Robbed of 88 minutes of my life. Andrea’s a big Jennifer Anniston fan right? And coming from someone who was obsessed with Helen Hunt back in the day, I’m fine with that. I’m sure I have seen my fair share of terrible movies just because Helen Hunt was in them. But the movie I saw last night was by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. At least it was ONLY 88 minutes!

If you haven’t seen the movie “Friends With Money” then you’ve already enjoyed it more than I have. From what I can surmise it’s about a bunch of people who know each other. They all have various levels of income from poor, to more money than they know what to do with, and they’re all friggin’ miserable. Great movie so far right!? Well after 30 minutes it was reavealed to me that this movie had no plot, and was not moving anywhere. All it was, was these characters in various stages of being pissed off and dissapointed about various random happenings. So I think…all right, at the end of this movie, something good must happen to all these people to make them realize that life doesn’t suck. Then, it’s over. Credits are rolling. Life still sucks. That’s it. End of movie.

This is the reason I think I don’t like movies.

drunk ppl crack me up

ok funny story ok i get off work from my saturday shift and im headed up to my apartment. as im strolling the sidewalk the two quite drunk guys are walking towards me. they happen to see my bottle of water which i had removed the label from and one of them ask (direct quote here) “yo bro whacha drinkin in dat der boddle” i look at the bottle and say “oh its new its called liquid tap” he goes “wees ne’er heard of dat is it good” my reply “oh yeah it is try it” threw him my bottle he drinks it an says “dats sum good sh*t you uh canna even tase it” i said “keep it” and they walk off with my bottle of tap water … i love messing with drunk ppl

In the Hospital

I thought I’d get on here and post a blog about how I was in the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday.

For all of you that didn’t know that I was in the hospital, I went there because I woke up with a quick heartrate and it didn’t go away. So, I had Matt take me to the emergency room. After about an hour of trying to slow it back down, they decided that I should do a Synchronized Electrical Cardioversion. You can check it out at:

I’m doing a lot better now. I had to go to work about 3 hours after I was released from the hospital, but luckily it was training and I didn’t have to do much.

Now the plan is to see an Electrophisiologist to talk about doing a procedure called an Electrophisiology Study. You can check that out here:

Hope all of this clues you in on what’s going on in my life right now! Love you all!

My fortune cookie…

Why, yes…I will.

My cat RULES!

Fuzz has lots of faults, but she is the most awesome cat EVER!  Early this morning I beebop into the kitchen to start the coffee and when I flipped on the light I froze.  There in the middle of the floor is a HUGE, mostly dead spider.

She does lack the ability to throw him in the trash and he is still laying there haunting me.  It took me an hour to work up the courage to step over him and start the coffee.  I still haven’t gone back for the first cup.