Daily Archives: October 18, 2006

Days like this, I could live without.

You know…when it’s definetly not summer, but it’s still not winter? I wouldn’t call it fall though. Fall is brisk mornings to get you out of bed and get your blood moving, and cool evenings to wear a jacket and go on a walk with a friend and enjoy the golden hues of the leaves as they fall from the branches that you didn’t know were there all summer.

No, today is not fall. It is indecision. One of those days when the world calls in sick, but you still have to go to work. A stiff north breeze cuts through your underdressed outfit, through your skin to your very core, and sun only does barely enough work to not let it be night. The worst of it all is there’s no escaping it. It envelops you from every direction, like a bad dream when you can’t wake up. The only relief is to retreat into your shell, full of artificial lights and stale old smells. You pull up a blanket, you grab a book, a warm cup of cocoa and try to put as much material between you and the day as you can.

Yes, I could do without days like today. I have enough indecision in my life as it is. But the best thing about indecision is that it can’t make up it’s own mind. Tomorrow will be sunny and 65. And I have a friend and a walk already in mind.