I haven’t forgotten.

I haven’t been posting lately. But as the picture above shows, I haven’t been just ignoring the blog. I haven’t even had time to play any games for the past week! So you KNOW I’ve been busy. I’ve just had a lot going on.

I went up to Sabetha to see all the grandparents with some time off I had the end of last week. Grandpa Wayne doesn’t seem to be getting any better. He’s lost most of the strength in his legs and has trouble getting out of chairs and has been using a walker to get around. Grandma called today and said they ran some tests and that he needs to stop taking chemo immediately. So say a prayer that he can start feeling better one way or another.

Between then and now it seems like I’ve just been busy doing odds and ends stuff. Fixing little things on my car, and doing stuff around the house I’ve been putting off. I’ve been strangely motivated lately and just haven’t been on the computer much longer than to check e-mail, and haven’t played any games or watched TV or anything.

I did get a chance to see the new Bond movie. It’s what a lot of people said it would be, more like the early Bond films. There’s really no gadgets, although there is plenty of high tech stuff. It’s all just a lot more believable. It’s certianly a different Bond film, and I think a nice change of pace for the series, and great timing to introduce the new actor. Check it out if you have the time, and the $8.50 to buy a movie ticket. =P

Coming up I’ll be heading to SWK for the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be eating a total of 4 Thanksgiving dinners this week, so I’m hoping to not pack on more than 10 pounds. Wish me luck!

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  1. well on your wa back to Manhattan just stop by hays and drop a bunch of food off at my place … i wont care ill eat it =P

  2. Too bad we can’t go back that way. We’re leaving Andrea’s car at her parent’s house while we go out to SWK so he can fix her exhaust, then we’re stopping back there on the way home to pick it up. That’d be quite the detour to hit Hays too. Maybe I’ll mail you some food. =)

  3. umm not so sure that the food would make it through the mail…. but wow you are going ot have quite a road trip ahead of ya

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