Bowl Game Time!

Did I read it right? K-State is headed to the Texas Bowl? From what I read it sounds like more than a few Wildcat fans are heading down there.

How are teams selected for bowl games? Do they rely on W-L standings at all? Rutgers is 10-2, while KSU is 7-5. That seems to be a big difference…

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  1. the BCS ranking determines it

    its like some complicated math formula that even the ppl who came up with it dont understand how to compute it. i dont understand how it works at all but i do know that the BCS ranking has somthing to do with determining who goes where

  2. It’s a complicated process. For the big bowls (BCS Bowls) Which are the Rose, Orange, Fiesta, and Sugar Bowls, and the BCS Championship Game, like Biebs said, it goes by BCS ranking, as well as conference champions etc. For instance, the Rose Bowl is played between Big Ten and Pac 10 Champions. The Big 12 Champion gets to go to the Fiesta Bowl, as K-State did back in ’03 and Oklahoma is this year. The top two BCS ranked teams get to play for the national championship in the BCS Championship Game, new this year.

    For other bowls, it’s largely determined by conference rank. For instance the Holiday Bowl pits PAC-10 #2 vs. Big 12 #3. Other bowls like the Texas Bowl, simply pit conference “At Large” (6+ win bowl eligible teams) against each other. The Texas Bowl is any bowl eligible Big 12 team vs. bowl eligible Big East team. So it’s possible that a school could receive more than one bowl invitation.

    For a line up of this year’s bowls and the primary choices for each bowl click the link below.

  3. That’s pretty cool! How do you find that stuff? I searched and didn’t find anything remotely like that. I was lucky to find out what bowl game KSU was headed to this year!


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