Daily Archives: December 14, 2006

And I thought my car had a lot of miles…

Also set the world record for bathroom stops. Peter Gilbert was a salesman. He needed a reliable vehicle to drive all over Wisconsin. In 1989 he bought this Saab 900 SPG. 17 years later, he’s racked up 1,000,000 miles. Yes that’s right over a million miles. I don’t know if that’s a world record, but it’s still impressive.

Apperantly the only work he had done outside routine maintanance was a transmission rebuild at 200,000 miles and body work after eight deer collisions (Not eight deer at once). Let’s be honest though, 8 deer in 1,000,000 miles sounds about right. He changed the oil religiously every 3000 miles and did all the recommended maintance one would do. Maybe there is something to keeping your car well maintained!

But 999,999 miles is perfectly acceptable.He donated the car to a museum after Saab verified the milage was genuine. And why wouldn’t they? It’s great publicity for Saab. But I got to wondering what this car would be worth in the ol’ Kelly Blue Book. Appearantly KBB refuses to accept the possibility of any car making it to the one million mile mark. After all, that’s all the way to the moon and back…twice!

My car currently has a little over 204,000 miles. But I have no intention of challenging this guy’s personal best. I just put 75,000 mile tires on it not long ago, and I fully expect to wear them out. The car runs strong and soldiers on. But when you have a car with a lot of miles like this, you can’t help but wonder how far it will go (knock on wood).

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