Daily Archives: December 19, 2006

Oh what a night!

Saturday was the Platinum Broadcasting Christmas party.  It’s usually a good time and this year was no exception.  Basically the company reserves half of Kite’s, a bar in Aggieville, and have them cook up some food and give us an open bar from 6-10pm.  You can see where this is going…

Andrea had to work until 7:00, so I just kinda chilled an hung out with Stooks and Jeri Anne, our new part timer while most people were showing up.  The food was being served right about the time Andrea got there, and without hesitation we ordered another round of drinks.  After about two amaretto sours, Andrea started to complain that the drinks were weak (a sure sign that the drinks aren’t weak, she’s just starting to get a bit sauced, hehe).  So after a few doubles Andrea starts wandering around and ends up talking to a bunch of people, including trying to convince Stooks to ask out Jeri Anne, and to Rodney about me for 45 minutes.

By this time the open bar is closed, and I hadn’t been able to find a waitress for the last hour or hour and a half.  My buzz pretty much wore off so I was ready to go.  But before we leave, Erin buys everyone a round of Jagerbombs (as pictured above).  I thank her and we head to the next bar which is just packed.  I’m really ready to go home now because I haven’t been drinking and am really not much for big crowds, but Andrea’s having fun so we hang out a bit longer then head home.  I don’t know what it was, but I was fine the whole way driving home, but sometime after I climbed the stairs to the apartment that jagerbomb hit me hard!  Ha ha.

It was a fun night for everybody, and I don’t think anyone threw up on the floor of Kite’s this year!  I hear the bar tab was $1,100 though.  Of course they should have known to give a bunch of radio guys free reign on a bar like that.