Words couldn’t begin to describe…

…how terrible our tech guy is at work. Perhaps he’s just phenominally unlucky, like losing a coin toss 100 consecutive times unlucky.

Computers are bitches. Especially “shared” computers where lots of people use the same computer. I know from first hand experience. Somebody visits a questionable website just once and BAM virus or spyware! They should know better, but they don’t care because it isn’t their machine. And when you have around 20 computers being used daily by a bunch of different people, eventually hard drives are going to fail, power supplies will go out. Those things just happen.

I’ll try to remember everything that’s gone wrong with our machines in the past year or two. This will be a conservative account, seeing as how I’m sure to forget an instance or two. You tell me if it’s just bad luck.

  • 6 new motherboards
  • At least 5 failed hard drives
  • 1 defective LCD monitor
  • 7 new power supplies
  • Replaced entire system except hard drive because it wouldn’t connect to the network
  • Replaced hard drive for above system
  • 1 Non-Genuine copy of Windows XP
  • Whatever I forgot

Unfortunately it’s not just an excessivly high failure rate in the products this guy sells that leads me to believe that he’s a total d-bag. It’s the ridiculious crap that he and his employees say to people around here that don’t know any better. For instance.

“I’m installing Double Density Ram, so after this it will be twice as fast.”

“You can’t use that router because it will take up too many IP addresses.”

“That Windows installation is so old, it’s probably started deleting system files.”

If the above statements don’t mean anything to you, good. It just makes it all the more clear what kind of person or persons we’re dealing with here. Every statement is completely false, and every one I’ve overheard these guys saying to someone around here that has no idea about computers. To me that’s just taking advantage of somebody, unless they truely are that naieve.

So there’s one of two possibilities here. ONE: That I am actually better versed in technology than this guy and his employees. Or TWO: That this guy runs a shady business selling cheap and/or second hand crap as new and bluffs his way around it when things get sticky.

Either way, given his track record, I don’t know how we’re still doing business with him. But since the people calling the shots don’t know any better, I’ll have to continue to tolorate it. Just don’t touch my laptop!


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  1. i think possibilities one and two are both correct. i do know that since ive been back at eagle only one HD that i know of died and the computers taht were there my freshman year are still there now 4 years later and still running.

  2. I gotta go with option 2, but we all know I am a cynical witch. As I read your post, the list of things they ‘fixed’, it just popped into my head that he was blowing smoke up someone’s rear.

    It brought up the memory of the ucom guy that recently told me I had to erase, then retype my password (that hadn’t changed in three years) to get online. I think these guys sit at the office making bets on how much sh*t they can get us all to swallow! Hell, I still can’t get my email to connect. I refuse to call them cuz they’ll give me a load of crap so high I just might drown! Who knows, the magical cure may require that I sacrifice Fuzz under the glow of pale moon light!!!!

    Ok, I’ll quit before the rant really gets going.

  3. Makes me very glad that I work in a tech field… For the most part everyone here knows computers, how to fix them, how to work them, etc. Granted, some of their methods are a bit… antiquated, but a good percentage of them actually keep up with tech. We have several servers which haven’t even been turned off for over a year, with our entire development staff logged into them every day.
    I call shenanigans on the guy’s “business”… you need a better tech solution!

  4. Ha ha. It’s actual written procedure around here that all of our on-air systems and the server are to be restarted daily. Not if, but when the server goes down, we have about 30 seconds to get ready for all three radio stations go off the air. Why? The genius setup has all the audio for all the stations streaming from one central server. BRILLIANT!

    I offered my services once, but the more I think about it the more I’m glad they declined. Last thing I want is to inherit all of these headaches. I’m sure there’s miles of ethernet cable in this place that doesn’t go anywhere. Nothing is labeled. I don’t think you could pay me enough to try to keep that ship afloat.

  5. you know ill be graduating soon id be more than welcome to take over for him and redesign the entire network. the guy is an idiot

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