Moment of truth

So the Daytona 500 is today. I’m excited for Nascar to get underway again. For one thing it means that spring is right around the corner, and that the weather is soon to start getting a whole lot nicer. Also it means lazy Sundays chilling in front of the TV watching cars go fast, and watching the pre-race announcers trying to hype up any drama they can between drivers.

I’m excited to see Bobby Labonte race. He was making some strides towards the end of the year last year, so hopefully they get off to a good start and build on that, and not spend the whole year trying to get back to that level. My expectations are reasonable. I’d just like to see Bobby win one race. And maybe finish most of them. Nothing is worse than sitting down for the race, and your guy gets taken out in the first 50 laps. Ugh.

Andrea’s sister and brother-in-law came up last night, and we all went out to Aggieville. I didn’t hit it too hard since I wanted to make sure someone could drive us home. But once everyone wakes up and gets a grip on the day, I’m going into “race mode”. I just gotta fine me some “#43” gear. Everything around here has an 18 on it!

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  1. If anyone has the 500 taped I would LOVE to see it. MAN! I saw maybe 35 laps. I ran to Dodge to pick up a couple things at Walmart, then when I got home it was chilly so I snuggled into a blanket to watch. There was 96 laps to go. Well, the 11 hour work day I put in yesterday and the cozy blanket kicked in and I woke up after it was all over. Duane woke me up when he called to gloat about his boy winning.

  2. I didn’t tape it. It was an exciting last 40 laps. Lots of melee, and let’s be honest as long as nobody gets hurt, watching $300,000 cars being turned into scrap metal is just plain fun.

    Bobby was almost involved in three or four crashes, but narrowly made it through. So at least he finished the race, even if he got 20th.

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