It’s nice to have a project again.

Well a few weeks ago I ordered new headliner material for my car. It’s just been sitting in my office at work because it’s been so friggin’ cold out I didn’t feel like messing with it. Last thing I need is to be cold and frustrated working with brittle plastic. NOT a recipe for success! But today was beautiful so I took it upon myself to get started on the project.

Like most of the projects I do what I dread the most is usually the easiest and what I think is going to be easy inevitably leads me to cussing and breaking things. While the trim around the headliner popped right off, the dome light was held on by one screw and three washer clips. Gimme a break! Why would you not just use four screws? You saved 2 cents per car to ensure that no one could take the dome light out without destroying those clips? Thanks, Oldsmobile. Thanks.

But I got it all apart. It’s old and crumbly, that’s for sure, but there’s some fresh new material waiting to be glued to the board I pulled out. And behind that board. For some weird reason someone taped the final factory build sheet to the top of that board. So this sheet has been riding around in my roof for the last 22 years!

Click to zoom in.

This sheet lists every option that this car came with (which is a lot!) and also mentions that the car was built in Linden, New Jersey and shipped to Grainsfield, KS. Kinda neat to find a little tidbit like that tucked away somewhere so random.

I’ll try to remember to get some pics of it torn apart tomorrow. It’s quite the mess! And I’ll be sure to post the finished product!


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  1. it just make you wonder what else could be hidden in those old cars.

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