When you can’t find a Wii.

I swear we stopped at every Wal-Mart from Wichita to Manhattan on Sunday night. And no one had a Wii. I was dead set on getting one to. But in desperation we decided to pick up Guitar Hero 2 since Andrea got addicted to it last weekend at her sister’s house.

It’s pretty fun. A lot like that Dance Dance Revolution game. But I’m convinced that it’s harder than actually playing a real guitar!

Posted on March 7, 2007, in Video Games. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Jamie and Bryan lucked into finding theirs. They went to Walmart the morning after they saw one there and it was gone. So they called around and Target in Garden was going to get a shipment and put them on the shelf the next morning, Sunday. Jamie got up early and was at Target before the store opened. Want us to keep an eye out here?

  2. i gave up looking for a friggin Wii especially since gamestop pissed me off those self-centered bastards BOYCOTT! gamesstop …

    ok now that ive got that out of my system my roommate has guitar hero as well althuogh she doesnt have a PS2 she has to use mine. ive never played it im no good at these type of games =P

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