Daily Archives: April 18, 2007

Stupid Keys. Wal-Mart suprises.

I locked my keys in my car for the second time in the last couple months. The first time it WASN’T my fault! I have a long lanyard on my key chain and it got caught on the door as I was closing it and sucked the keys right out of my hand into the car as the locked door slammed shut. And I didn’t have any spare keys. Ugh!

This time it’s my own dumb ass fault. I just got out, locked the door and left the keys in the ignition. GRR! I’m always so paranoid about locking my keys in my car too. That I usually check twice to make sure I have my keys when I get out of the car. And I STILL didn’t have any spare keys for this car! Dumb ass moment again, I know.

So the guy pop the lock with relative ease. And I paid him and I head to Wal-Mart to finally go get a spare set of keys made. As I walk up to the automotive counter, they are JUST shutting off all the lights. But the girl closing counter is nice enough that she said she’d make a set for me real quick. I was shocked to find someone that nice and willing to take extra time to help somebody out when they could just punch out and get the hell out of there. But as she’s looking, they’re out of the keys I need! GRR! But I still thanked her for being willing to help me even after they shut down. So I didn’t walk away feeling completely disgusted.

But I STILL don’t have spare keys for this car. I’m going to have to go by True Value tonight or something. I gotta get some damned keys…or a slim jim. I can’t afford to keep paying locksmiths every couple months!