Daily Archives: April 28, 2007

What to do with my time (or lack thereof)?

Alternatively titled: Reasons I don’t need a Wii (right now).

It’s ~9:00pm and I just got in from working on my car. Did quite a bit really. Installed a new air cleaner gasket, new hood lifts (goodbye prop bar!), and adjusted the shift points a bit. The thing shifts so much smoother now. Don’t let anyone tell you 1/16th of an inch won’t do anything! …Anyway it was a very therapeutic session (despite the frustration) after a long day of remotes and work that started at about 6:30 this morning. My shade tree mechanic work didn’t take long, maybe an hour or so, but it’s something that’ I’ve been trying to find time for for the last two weeks at least. Just haven’t been able to squeeze it in.

There’s just so many things that I’m really interested in right now, and it’s hard to balance it all out to the point where you can look back on any one thing and see significant progress. I’ve been really enjoying Guild Wars as of late. Our guild just finished up a weekend long festival of games and competition. It was a blast, but it soaked up just about any free time I had due to the time that was required to get all the prizes together and organize the event. Not that it’s a bad thing, like I said I really have been having fun with it. But it’s a big reason why I didn’t get around to working on my car until tonight. Lame or not, judge me if you must. I’ve also borrowed a copy of the new Zelda game which I’ve only put about two or three hours into and is also a BLAST! But between everything else it kinda falls through the cracks. Not to mention trying to find time to just sit down and spend some time with Andrea (though she’s been playing alot of Guild Wars lately too hehe)! Sadly the blog has been suffering as of late too.

I know, I know. It’s life and everyone that is reading this can tell the same sad story. I guess I just wanted to express my frustrations and get it out of my system. Not really looking for answers because there aren’t any realistic ones. Just hunker down and do what feels right at the moment. Oh and about the Wii. It just doesn’t seem like it’d be a good investment, as in money in exchange for entertainment value. I have so much backlogged that I really enjoy the crap out of that I’m afraid the Wii wouldn’t justify the cost unless I completely abandoned everything else. I’ll get a Wii. But not until I 1) Beat Final Fantasy XII, 2) Beat Zelda Twilight Princess, 3) Beat all the missions in Guild Wars. That should take care of most of my backlogged video games. And then I can handle keeping an old car running and kicking ass in Wii Tennis at the same time!

The last straw.

As you may or may not know. Our cat has had issues remembering where her litterbox is. Now…I don’t completely fault her. Sometimes my lazy ass puts off cleaning the box out for too long, and I can’t blame her for pissing somewhere else. Imagine if you didn’t flush your toilet for a week. Yeah, I’d whizz on the bed too!

Well I awoke at 6:30 this morning to a cat pawing at my leg. At first I thought that she was being a little brat and though that she needed fed a couple hours earlier than usual. But no! Apparently she had just finished crawling up between Andrea and I to take a piss! That was pretty much it. It’s one thing to do it while I’m gone and come home and find it, but it’s quite another when you crawl ON ME to do your business. I was seriously ready to haul her off back to the animal shelter where we got her.

But after I cooled down abit, Andrea and I decided that we’re just going to have to keep her out of the bedroom. She’s got her scent on the bed (from several occasions) so it’s hard to keep her from doing it. And we’re going to start scooping out the litter box daily. All the things we do for a freakin’ cat! But if she finds a new place to call a toilet, I’m afraid poor Nala is going to have to find another home.

Stupid cute cat.