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Finally found a house!

Well after several houses being rented to other people before we get a chance, we finally put a deposit down on a house in Ogden. It’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it. It’s a 3 bedroom, but like Biebs guessed earlier the third bedroom is more like a big closet! Ha ha. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a nice quiet little place. And it’ll be nice to not be apartment living.

It’ll be a little while before I can get some pictures. There were still folks living there, so I didn’t want to run around taking pictures of their stuff. So you’ll have to wait until we move in July to get some pics. Thanks for everybody who said a prayer for us! It’s glad to finally have the weight of looking for a new place lifted.

SW Kansas Here We Come!

Welp, we’re heading off to SW Kansas this weekend. We’re dropping off the cat at Matt’s mom’s place so she can catsit for us for a while. We’re definitely moving out of our apartment, can’t stand living in a creek flood zone. So, they’re going to start showing off our apartment coming up in June, since we have to put in our 60 day notice on the first.

Searching for a new place has been kind of difficult. It has almost wore me out, even though it’s only been a few weeks since we’ve started looking. 😛 Matt says that it will take time. I believe him, but I wish it wasn’t so hard around here. I was looking on for places in Wichita, just for fun, and came across a lot of places that were a hell of a lot cheaper than around here. I found a two bedroom apartment for about $425/mo down there that would cost us around $700/mo around here. It’s just ridiculous.

Anyways, I’m excited to see the other half of the family. I didn’t get to go with Matt the last two times he went down there. So, I hope everybody else is excited to see me!

Return of Biebscast

Return of Biebscast check it out the box to the right click to listen to which ever episode, however i must have deleted the first episode. enjoy!!

New Morning Show Host

Well for a couple days anyway. I’ll be hosting the morning show on 97.5 while our current host is out of town. I’m a little apprehensive about it but not too bad. If I prep out enough material I know I’ll do fine. But I’m worried I might get sucked into it permanetly.

The same guy that does mornings is also the Program Director, and he’s also quitting at the end of June. This opens up both positions. I don’t think I’d mind filling in a couple days on the show, but I don’t really see myself as a morning show kinda person. Or just a…morning…person period. It’d be a big adjustment. A lot more work, and probably not much more money. It’s just part of radio that I’ve never really had the desire to do. I am however hopeful for the Program Director position. That would also be more work but quite a bit more money.

So who knows I might end up doing both….or neither. It’s all up in the air. Not to mention the lady was supposed to let me know today or tomorrow if we got that house and she hasn’t called any of my references yet. So that’s not looking too great. There’s just so much going on right now that my nerves are just kinda fried. I’m trying not to worry about too much, or let too much bother me and just let God handle it. But it’s tough when there’s this much uncertainty. But I suppose that’s why they call it faith.

Gimme a floodin’ break!

Well, I apologize that it seems like all I’m doing is complaining lately. It’s just weird times I guess.

Our apartment complex flooded AGAIN! It’s just friggin a pain in the ass. Luckily I got out this morning before the waters had risen to the parking lot again. But I had to drive my car through about a foot of water just to get off our street. And the bad part is it could do this all summer long if we don’t get a decent break in the weather.

This house we’re looking at may or may not come through, but I’m to the point that I just want to move, even if it’s to another apartment. As long as it’s not friggin’ flooding every couple weeks!

Renting Sucks

I try not to worry about too much that I can’t control, and usually I’m pretty good about it. Not today though.

Tonight Andrea and I went to look at a house for rent in a small town north of Ft. Riley. It’s a cute little 2 bedroom house with a 2 car garage. $500 a month, and not too bad of a drive for either of us. I really like it. The first problem with it is though, that it’s available in June, so we’d have to double up on rent for two months. I have some money saved up, but doing that will take a decent chunk of it. And also it doesn’t accept pets, so we’d have to get rid of Nala.

It’s such a great house though! But the combination of spending all that money and having to say goodbye to Nala makes me really apprehensive. She said she’s got several great applicants so far and that her decision was going to be pretty hard. So we might not even get the place. It’s just got me kinda shaken up. I’d be giving up alot, but I’d be getting alot as well. *sigh* It’s life, eh?

It’s just that time of year…

We just got settled into the new house, Fuzz is finally back to her old self and Duane is gone on the road again. You think things are getting back to normal and WHAMMO, literally!

It was about 8:30, Fuzz and I were in the kitchen when something hit the house. I opened the back door and peeked out, but the only thing I saw was a big ole hoot owl in the neighbor’s tree next to my driveway. I just shut the door and figured I’d show Jamie the owl when she came over to use the computer in a little while.

When she showed up I stepped out the back door to have her look up and see the HUGE owl. I heard this clacking noise and I looked down. There at my feet was a baby owl trying to nip at me with his beak. I took off running for Jamie’s car. When she sees the little owl right next to my back door she keeps saying it’s a cat. Just as I show her the Momma up in the tree it takes off flying and we take off screaming.

We ran around front and came inside, ran to the back door and Jamie sees it is a baby owl. I know it’s illegal to kill them so I was afraid to call Bryan. Sure as we tried to do anything the dang thing would die and we’d all have huge fines with Fish and Game.

Duane happened to call home as we were trying to think what to do and he said no matter what don’t mess with it cuz owls are mean. Great! Tell me something that I DON’T know! Seriously, do the math…sharp beak and big ass talon claws? Duane said to call the sheriff’s dept and have them deal with it.

A couple hours later Shannon showed up and I stepped outside. I had heard the momma owl in the trees earlier but never could find her. We checked out the trees and never could see her. He made a call to Fish and Game and they said to move it to a quiet place and hope it’s momma grabs it back over night. So I gave Shannon a broom and he moved it over behind my garage. He said if it was still there this morning that they’d have someone from Fish and Game come take care of it.

I was up early to check and the baby was gone. Not sure if it’s momma got it or it went back into the tall grass behind the house. The game warden said it’s just the time of year when the little owls are learning to fly. Shannon said it’s the second owl call they’ve had from this location in the past couple of weeks. The up side of it all, if we have owls this thick here, I bet we don’t have mice this winter!

Sweet! My jug shipped!

Well I got some more time to work on my car at work the other day and I decided to take apart the windshield washer jug to see where it was leaking. Unfortunately there was a big ass crack along the seam that would be pretty hard to fix. I had heard that GM actually still made these things for my car (weird) so I ordered a brand new one for $20 shipped. Nice!

It said the part was “on-order” and could take 7 days to 2 weeks before it SHIPS! But I just got my tracking number! Woo hoo! I bet no one has ever been so excited over a jug! Ha ha!

And the floodgates opened

Andrea and I came home to quite a suprise Sunday after going to Wichita for her sister’s birthday. It had rained quite a lot Saturday night, and before we left I noticed that the creek out back was up quite a bit but other than that I didn’t think much of it. When we came home, I noticed the parking lot was rather vacant and a lot of the old junk that had been piled by the dumpsters was now sitting in the parking spaces out front of our apartment. Then I looked around and you could see a definite waterline across what cars were still in the parking lot.

Apparently while we were gone the water from the creek had risen to about 8 inches where our apartment was but waist high closer to where the laundry building was. This is a picture I found from the Manhattan Mercury. This would be looking down the street from sorta where that tire shop is. Our apartment complex is on the left and the grey/brick building further down is the retirement community that sits on that curve. It got high enough that Andrea’s car got a couple inches inside on the floor boards. It started up fine, but shot about a gallon of water out the tailpipe. It seems fine now, but time will tell what kind of long term issues it will have.

Power was out when we got home too. And we planned on staying the night there, but I got to worrying about idiots looking for an easy smash and grab since most of the people had already left the complex, that I decided I’d just assume grab a hotel room and stay the night there. Power was supposed to be back on this morning, but I haven’t been by yet to check it out. I went straight to work from the hotel.

All things considered it’s not too bad. Andrea’s car is the only thing that’s damaged and it could have been much worse. It’s hard to complain about it when you think of what the poor folks in Greensburg are going through. I mean, right now it’s looking like my life is pretty much already back to normal and only had one screwed up evening. The people down there are going to take years to recover. So say a prayer for them. Just wanted to let everybody know what happened in my neck of the woods and that we’re doing fine.

Does this mean these Dell laptops will be cheaper?

Dell announced today that it’s going to provide Ubuntu Linux as an option for the operating system on some of it’s new laptops. Of course this is a free, open source operating system, so linux laptops should be cheaper by ~$100 right?

The big deterrent to Linux at the moment (for me at least) is compatibility. It does most things just as good if not better than Windows, but won’t run most Windows software without some serious hassle and hardware choices are sometimes limited. Dell has pledged, however, to develop fully supported machines that ship with the operating system effectively removing one big hurdle. It’s a big step in the right direction towards Linux being accepted as a viable Windows alternative. Should it gain a significant market share, hardware and software will only expand to go where there’s money to be made. It’s a good day for Linux fans.