And the floodgates opened

Andrea and I came home to quite a suprise Sunday after going to Wichita for her sister’s birthday. It had rained quite a lot Saturday night, and before we left I noticed that the creek out back was up quite a bit but other than that I didn’t think much of it. When we came home, I noticed the parking lot was rather vacant and a lot of the old junk that had been piled by the dumpsters was now sitting in the parking spaces out front of our apartment. Then I looked around and you could see a definite waterline across what cars were still in the parking lot.

Apparently while we were gone the water from the creek had risen to about 8 inches where our apartment was but waist high closer to where the laundry building was. This is a picture I found from the Manhattan Mercury. This would be looking down the street from sorta where that tire shop is. Our apartment complex is on the left and the grey/brick building further down is the retirement community that sits on that curve. It got high enough that Andrea’s car got a couple inches inside on the floor boards. It started up fine, but shot about a gallon of water out the tailpipe. It seems fine now, but time will tell what kind of long term issues it will have.

Power was out when we got home too. And we planned on staying the night there, but I got to worrying about idiots looking for an easy smash and grab since most of the people had already left the complex, that I decided I’d just assume grab a hotel room and stay the night there. Power was supposed to be back on this morning, but I haven’t been by yet to check it out. I went straight to work from the hotel.

All things considered it’s not too bad. Andrea’s car is the only thing that’s damaged and it could have been much worse. It’s hard to complain about it when you think of what the poor folks in Greensburg are going through. I mean, right now it’s looking like my life is pretty much already back to normal and only had one screwed up evening. The people down there are going to take years to recover. So say a prayer for them. Just wanted to let everybody know what happened in my neck of the woods and that we’re doing fine.

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  1. I stopped by the apartment around 11 this morning to check on the cat. The electricity still wasn’t back up. So, yeah. We might be staying another night at the hotel. Luckily I got some money from selling my books back to the school!

  2. Well power was on yesterday by the time I got home. Although one of the buildings caught on fire! Could it get more crazy? It happened shortly after the power was restored so I would imagine it was one of the apartments that took on water, and the soaked wiring may have sparked a fire. Or maybe our landlord doesn’t have flood insurance so is trying to claim fire damage. Who knows.

    Nonetheless things are relatively back to to normal. You can tell what cars got flooded and what cars didn’t in the parking lot because some are completely fogged up on the inside. We shampooed Andrea’s carpets last night but I’m afraid that she’ll be battling that musty smell for some time to come.

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