It’s just that time of year…

We just got settled into the new house, Fuzz is finally back to her old self and Duane is gone on the road again. You think things are getting back to normal and WHAMMO, literally!

It was about 8:30, Fuzz and I were in the kitchen when something hit the house. I opened the back door and peeked out, but the only thing I saw was a big ole hoot owl in the neighbor’s tree next to my driveway. I just shut the door and figured I’d show Jamie the owl when she came over to use the computer in a little while.

When she showed up I stepped out the back door to have her look up and see the HUGE owl. I heard this clacking noise and I looked down. There at my feet was a baby owl trying to nip at me with his beak. I took off running for Jamie’s car. When she sees the little owl right next to my back door she keeps saying it’s a cat. Just as I show her the Momma up in the tree it takes off flying and we take off screaming.

We ran around front and came inside, ran to the back door and Jamie sees it is a baby owl. I know it’s illegal to kill them so I was afraid to call Bryan. Sure as we tried to do anything the dang thing would die and we’d all have huge fines with Fish and Game.

Duane happened to call home as we were trying to think what to do and he said no matter what don’t mess with it cuz owls are mean. Great! Tell me something that I DON’T know! Seriously, do the math…sharp beak and big ass talon claws? Duane said to call the sheriff’s dept and have them deal with it.

A couple hours later Shannon showed up and I stepped outside. I had heard the momma owl in the trees earlier but never could find her. We checked out the trees and never could see her. He made a call to Fish and Game and they said to move it to a quiet place and hope it’s momma grabs it back over night. So I gave Shannon a broom and he moved it over behind my garage. He said if it was still there this morning that they’d have someone from Fish and Game come take care of it.

I was up early to check and the baby was gone. Not sure if it’s momma got it or it went back into the tall grass behind the house. The game warden said it’s just the time of year when the little owls are learning to fly. Shannon said it’s the second owl call they’ve had from this location in the past couple of weeks. The up side of it all, if we have owls this thick here, I bet we don’t have mice this winter!


Posted on May 21, 2007, in Animals. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. “I know it’s illegal to kill them so I was afraid to call Bryan.”

    HA HA HA!

    They’re just welcoming you to their neighborhood!

  2. I did word that badly. My bad!!

    If they keep mice and bugs away, they can crash into the house any time they want!

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