SW Kansas Here We Come!

Welp, we’re heading off to SW Kansas this weekend. We’re dropping off the cat at Matt’s mom’s place so she can catsit for us for a while. We’re definitely moving out of our apartment, can’t stand living in a creek flood zone. So, they’re going to start showing off our apartment coming up in June, since we have to put in our 60 day notice on the first.

Searching for a new place has been kind of difficult. It has almost wore me out, even though it’s only been a few weeks since we’ve started looking. 😛 Matt says that it will take time. I believe him, but I wish it wasn’t so hard around here. I was looking on rent.com for places in Wichita, just for fun, and came across a lot of places that were a hell of a lot cheaper than around here. I found a two bedroom apartment for about $425/mo down there that would cost us around $700/mo around here. It’s just ridiculous.

Anyways, I’m excited to see the other half of the family. I didn’t get to go with Matt the last two times he went down there. So, I hope everybody else is excited to see me!

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  1. We can’t wait to see you, Andrea! I’m off work Saturday daytime, but have to work a while on Saturday night. We’ll have time to catch up, though! I’m so excited you get to see the new place! And, Nala will have a blast running around here. It’s big enough that she and Fuzz won’t even have to see each other if they don’t want to. haha

    So, bring your selves down here. I have hugs lined up for everyone! Love you!

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