Alright, I’m completely nuts.

Sunday I’m going to buy a 1977 Chevy El Camino.

So by now you’re either thinking…OMG!…WTF?…or just laughing out loud (LOL).

But before you judge my judgment consider the facts. 1) The car runs and drives. 2) The parts that aren’t on the car come with the car. Plus spare doors, bumpers, hood, trim, etc. 3) It’s $250. 4) It’s an F’N El Camino!

The idea originally came about when we decided to move and I wanted to get a rusty old truck to have around as a workhorse. I started looking around in the paper but never really found anything promising. Then I saw the ad for this thing and decided to call on it. The old guy who owns it was hoping to restore it one day, but now he’s on disability and just can’t do it. But luckily for me he’s collected a TON of parts for the car so a lot of what I need is already there. There’s a few things I’m going to probably have to buy like lower quarter panels and floor pans, but the beauty of it is they’re actually reproducing parts for these cars now so you can get brand new sheet metal without too much trouble.

The Good: It’s pretty much complete and fairly rust free. – It runs so I don’t have to tow it home. – Comes with tons of parts. – It has a positraction rearend. – It’s a hell of a deal for $250!

The Bad: The transmission doesn’t shift into 3rd gear. So it’s not going anywhere very fast. Could be a linkage, or could be something internal, won’t know until I mess around with it. – It has a wimpy 305 motor – Needs a new tailgate – Needs some paint.

It’s definetly a project. It’s not something I’m going to be driving everyday, not for a long time anyway. But it’s a car I’ve always wanted. And it’s something I can tear apart and not have to worry about when I get it put back together because I have to drive it the next day. Parts are realitivly easy to come by and fairly reasonably priced. I finally have a place to work on something like this and I’m excited to get started. My ultimate goal is to pull the engine and put a rebuilt big block in it, beef up the drivetrain and build something that will pull about anything short of a fifth wheel trailer. I don’t want something that will go insanely fast, that’ll get me in too much trouble!

It’s a long way off, but you gotta have a target in mind right? Here’s some potentials as to what I’m someday aiming for with this ride.

If I were to go with single color job it’d probably be something like this. Red, orange or black. Sure mine isn’t an SS, but that’s never stopped anybody from sticking SS in their car before! Ha ha.

Here’s an El Camino Classic like mine with a factory paint job. I really like this color combo and I have all the trim pieces needed for it. I’m a big fan of the rally wheels like this and plan on cleaning up the set that comes with the car and using them regardless of what I paint the car.

The rear end of these cars just looks so bad assed! I hope to mount a Reese style hitch to the frame below the bumper for towing.

I also think they look pretty good with a bed cover.

So there ya go. The lastest nuts thing I’ve done. Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be subjected to my progress as I post it here on the blog. Any cool ideas let me know!


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  1. Have you picked it up yet? How do you run into these cars? Just look through the paper or do you look online? It’ll be a great project! Keep us posted on how it’s going!

  2. Found it the same place I found the Toronado. Swap Shop! I rag on that radio show all the time, but it’s benefited me well so far!

    Picked it and ALL the parts up today. MAN! I have basically an El Camino and a half! I got a car cover and I’m parking it at the radio station until we move into our house. I’ll get a picture of it and all the parts in the bed tomorrow. It’s pretty humorous!

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