It might be about time to switch to Opera.

Thanks to a friggin Firefox exploit I got a virus last night. Not sure how I got it. I was only browsing my regular sites, but I guess you never know. I know that it’s Firefox’s fault because that’s the classification that the virus scan called it.

It said it couldn’t quarantine it or delete it, but it “moved” it. Oh thanks! Just move that virus around on my hard drive. So hopefully it’s moved far enough away that it doesn’t cause a problem. But according to Firefox has the largest number of known security exploits next to Internet Explorer.

Firefox — 43
Safari — 6
Opera — 6

I love Firefox and everything, but it’s starting to fall victim to the same thing that plauges Internet Explorer. Mainstream use. It doesn’t matter how secure you claim something is. If there’s a large enough group of people using it, idiots are going to spend time trying to figure out how to exploit it. So I think it’s Opera time. Until that catches on then I guess I’ll have to go to something else.


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  1. I just downloaded it at work to check it out. It is actually pretty slick. I’m actually using it to post this comment right now! 😛

  2. I gave Opera a good try a while ago… The whole time I was using it I kept thinking “The internet just works so much better in Firefox.” But then, I HAVE to have my Firefox extensions, they let me use the internet how I want it. ^_^


  3. “Then again, I’m also on OS X, so YOUR PUNY WINDOWS VIRUSES HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!”

    well when you are using a machine with and OS that doesnt really let you do any REAL work there no reason to worry about viruses.

    without viruses the internet wouldnt be as fun =P haha …i dont know how everyone gets viruses .. i mean as you all know alot of the sites i go to are kinda shady sometimes but i seem to never get a virus. my AV is disable 90% of the time because the on-access scanner pisses me off uses way too many resources i never seem to have a problem.

    ill stick with my firefox

  4. also it helps that im just a l33t b4d@55

  5. That’s the thing. I wasn’t going anywhere shady at all. But the antivirus seems to have contained the threat at least, so that’s good. I did a full spybot scan and a full virus scan and nothing came up. And no symptoms that I can tell of. I’m sure all my bank account information is being silently streamed in the background though.

    I guess I’ll keep using Firefox for the time being and hope this was just an isolated incident. I’m like you Brian, I need my extensions!

  6. Some day you’ll have to explain all this to me, Matt! All of it went straight over my head.

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