It doesn’t LOOK illegal anymore!

Rodney and I got the bumper and grill put on today at the radio station. I figured there was a reason the bumper was off. It’s bent on the passenger side, so I guess they were going to replace the bumper and never got to putting the new one on. Good thing I have another one in the bed!


Posted on June 19, 2007, in Cars, Projects. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. hey its starting to look like a car again =P ….. HAHA

  2. It looks a lot better now!

  3. Looking good. Honestly, if you didn’t have just the two low gears you could be driving it all the time, right?

  4. Yeah I probably could. Don’t know that I’d trust it on a long trip. The engine runs about as good as my old Caprice ever did. The carb is a little sticky so you have to kinda flutter the gas pedal to get it going from a stop, and I’m sure it needs a tune up.

    Can’t expect much out of a $250 car though.

  5. I’ve decided, as long as I’m not walking every where I have to go, then it’s a good car! Doesn’t matter what it cost! haha

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